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Inqlusif Hotel: a very special boutique hotel

When we visited Istanbul we chose Inqlusif Hotel to stay throughout our trip. We chose Inqlusif because, in addition to its very central location, the decor, the atmosphere and the whole concept of the hotel was everything we look for when visiting cities.

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Inqlusif Hotel History

Michel, a Canadian and an English teacher for over 20 years in Turkey, had the dream of someday having a project, something he identified with, and it was in late 2018 that this dream of a lifetime came to fruition.

Inqlusif Hotel opened on December 25th, 2018, Christmas Day, a symbolic day for Michel. On this date, this new hotel was born in the heart of Istanbul. In an old building in one of the most popular areas of the city, and tastefully decorated, this boutique hotel, of which Michel speaks with such passion, was created.

Throughout the design and restoration process, Michel wanted to keep as much of the building’s original architecture as possible, which together with an industrial, traditional and modern design would create a place where all visitors can feel welcomed, and comfortable.

It is a gay-friendly hotel but it aims to be much more than that, a place where all visitors can feel good and part of the history of that place.

See more about the hotel here and how to book your stay at Inqlusif.


Inqlusif Hotel is located on Şahkulu Mahallesi, a street very close to Galata Tower, one of the quintessential ex-libris of Istanbul City. Its location near Şişhane Metro Station in Beyoğlu makes it an ideal base for exploring the city.

Beyoğlu is an area with many places for those who enjoy food, coffee or go out for a drink on a terrace. It is also the location of İstiklal boulevard (shopping district, one of the busiest pedestrian avenues in the city), and it is also close to Karaköy, allowing you to get near the Bosphorus within a short walk.

Reception and Another Coffee Shop

With the trend in the city for specialty coffee places, Inqlusif Hotel has created a space dedicated to this product which is also the hotel’s reception, Another Coffee Shop. This place with very eclectic and pleasant decoration is where you can always find a hotel employee. The staff is very attentive, helpful and friendly, always ready to give you the best tips in town.

You can do like us and enjoy the selection of croissants, scones or cakes for a quick breakfast. The coffee that is served there is carefully selected and always comes with a mini cookie that is delicious.

Outside there is a small terrace where you can relax while enjoying your coffee or a delicious scone.

Inqlusif Hotel Rooms

Each room at Inqlusif Hotel has an associated color, so they all have details of their assigned colors – Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange and Pink.

The rooms are of minimalist industrial decor with clear attention to detail and this is noticeable upon arrival. As we enter the room we notice its color and on top of the bed is a small cloth bag with bathroom products and a paper box with turkish delights.

All rooms have a private bathroom, USB ports at the bedside sockets, TV and a very comfortable mattress. One room has a small balcony where you can enjoy the street view of the hotel or have a drink while reading a book. Some of the rooms overlook a huge graffiti at the back of the building.

Inqlusif Hotel Rooftop

At the top of the Inqlusif Hotel, there is a nice rooftop which in the future should become a bar, but for now, you can enjoy the space that is equipped with sofas and tables, with a drink or coffee you can buy at Another Coffee Shop.

We loved experiencing Inqlusif Hotel because it was a place where we felt very welcomed and during the 6 nights we stayed there we made the most of not only all it had to offer but also its excellent location.

We emphasize that the staff is naturally welcoming and that the passion, not only of the owner but of those who work there, in the attention to detail and the friendliness towards the guests is very well noticed.

It is undoubtedly the perfect place to use as a base while exploring the vibrant city of Istanbul.