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Packing List

Travel planning is a topic that we take very seriously and this does not only include the best flight, the most convenient accommodation or the activities we want to do but also ensures that we take all that we need. When we started travelling, we packed our things with what we remembered and often ended up carrying unnecessary things or missing some essential items. It was then that we decided to build a packing list.

On the first trip, the packing list served the purpose perfectly since it had been made specifically for this trip. However, on the next trip, this was no longer true. Over the years, we have been refining this list, with everything we needed to travel, and tried to make it as generic as possible to serve both a summer trip and a weekend in the snow.

How to get your free Packing List

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How does this Packing List work

Our packing list is divided into the sections described below. The category of the items is divided by type or whether they should go in carry-on or hold baggage.

Each section contains the list with the respective items arranged in a table, where the first column contains the description and the second the amount you will need on your trip. The following columns are reserved for checking, a few days before you leave if you already have the articles or not and make sure you will put everything inside the suitcases.


In this section, you can find a list of generic articles for both summer and winter travel. In this case, our list is more oriented to men’s clothing but is easily adaptable to women’s clothing.


In this category, you will find all the items of hygiene and first aid that you will need in almost all your trips. About first aid or SOS medicines, you should consult a healthcare professional for advice.


This section is reserved to place your most personal or specific items for the type of trip you are going to take. Typically we use this zone to place, for example, specific vouchers that need to be printed.


This was probably the category in which we forgot more things before making this packing list.

Hand Luggage

This zone is reserved for carry-on items. Typically they are the things that you may need during the trip or that have more value. You should always consider the value of the items you are going to ship to the aircraft hold.

In this category, there is also a change of clothes. Sometimes we can have the bad luck of our luggage being lost, and even having the travel insurance of Heymondo, that reimburses you for the loss, you should take some essential objects that can help you minimize the impact.

For us, this packing list helps us a lot in optimizing the planning of our trips and when it comes to packing we just follow this list.

You should always validate the luggage limits of the ticket you purchased and also see the payment if you exceed the limit. When you leave, you must avoid that the weight is close to the limit since you may want to make some purchases at the destination and thus avoid problems in the return.

To get your copy, just subscribe to our blog and you will receive the packing list in your email.