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Editorial Guidelines

Our blog is targeted to everyone with a travel interest so we aim to produce content related to travel. These are our editorial guidelines. 

We do not accept to publish content produced by other people or companies, in this blog.

On our daily basis, we are using the following social networks:

Our strategy for posting or using this networks is described in the following guidelines:

  • The contents produced by us in our blog will be posted in;
  • Every post on our blog will be posted also on Facebook and pinned on Pinterest;
  • Other authors’ materials selected by us, will be posted on Facebook or pinned on Pinterest;
  • Our Instagram profile will also have an assortment of posts/stories of our daily routine related to traveling and blogging;
  • All the materials will be written in English and Portuguese.

Following this strategy, we have the ambition to deliver better contents for you. We hope you enjoy!

You can find more information on our privacy policy and cookies policy.