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List of Destinations

As travelers, we want to know as much of the world as we possibly can and there are always new destinations that we want to visit. There are always new places, new cultures, new food, and new people that we want to get to know.

Here you can find all the countries we’ve visited, links to the posts we have written that feature each country as well as the countries we plan to visit next.

Traveling is more than counting countries or bragging about having visited a bigger number of places than anyone else. It should be personal and unique to each one of us but it always includes knowing more about the destinations you choose to visit. We truly believe that traveling always makes us better individuals, more knowing and inclusive, with a better understanding of others.

There are many ways of traveling and many reasons to do so. Don’t go for a budget backpacking trip if that’s not your thing and don’t go on a cruise or on a luxury all-inclusive vacation if that does not appeal to you. Whenever you decide to travel and visit new destinations, it is important that, by the end of it, you feel richer and feel that the experience was worth it.

We hope that our blog inspires you to travel more and in a way that feels rewarding and unique to you. If you are planning a trip don’t forget to check our travel resources.