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About Us

The Blog

This blog is about our travel experiences as independent travelers. We believe that independent traveling is the smart way to travel because it gives us the freedom to control our limited budget while focusing our travels to what we really like: 

  • Feel the local culture and routines
  • Plan and control our own schedule
  • Choose our own itineraries (not the ones defined by others)
  • Mix budget options with more luxury ones

On our blog, we will share self-produced content about our experiences such as (but not limited to) planning tips, travel journals, destination guides, and top 10 activities. Our goal is to inspire and motivate everyone to travel more and enjoy all the world has to give us. Travel costs money but it doesn’t have to be expensive and we hope to help you achieve your own goals.

In October 2019 we started a six month Round the World trip (RTW). It was our biggest adventure yet and you can find everything related to planning an RTW in our blog. The beginning stages of planning our round the world trip was the fuel we needed to start this blog. 

As we prepare for our wedding in 2024, we’re excited to embark on another adventure – an extended honeymoon exploring the world, starting in June 2024.

Our blog uses affiliate links. Using them costs nothing to you but we earn a small commission that helps us run this blog. We only choose companies that we use on our travels. If you want to support us in any other way, please feel free to contact us or use this link to contribute. You can know more about affiliate links here.

Who we are

I’m João Santos and I’ve been behindmars in the social networks world. I’m an IT consultant from Portugal and since a very early age, I’m passionate about traveling.

This guy below has been my partner for life since 2007. During this time we’ve visited as many cities as we could, together we’ve counted more than 30 countries. In 2019 we’ve traveled around the world for 6 months so that’s the reason why we’ve launched this blog.

Each city I’ve visited allowed me to know other cultures, different people, and then share this experience with my circle. So that’s why you are reading this, and I hope you enjoy some of our adventures.

I’m André Nogueira and I’ve been venrox on Instagram. I’m a Clinical Psychologist from Portugal who always found great self-fulfillment in traveling.

We started traveling together in 2007 and since then we visit new places everytime we can. At the end of 2015, we visited Japan, and that trip ignited my passion for knowing and exploring new places and cultures even more.

2019 marked the beginning of our biggest adventure yet: a round the world trip for 6 months. I sure can’t wait to share all these new experiences with you all.

Welcome to our world, we hope you enjoy the ride.

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