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Travel gear: our essentials

For someone who, like us, have been traveling for some time, it is normal to discover what travel gear is necessary and which is essential for the type of travel we do. When we started traveling the internet was not like today, and there was not much information about what we should or should not take when we travel.

You can check the resources we use to book and plan our trips and how we built our packing list, that works for any type of trip.

During our travels, there was travel gear that we came to the conclusion that was not so useful and others that are indispensable on most trips.

The choice of these travel gear relates to our needs as travelers but also as bloggers. We do not want to share a list that fits all people, just our opinion and our experience.

Travel Backpack + Small Backpack to use daily

The travel backpack we are using at the moment, and already thinking about our Round the World trip, is a Forclaz Travel 500 from Decathlon. The main reasons that led us to choose this product were:

  • excellent value for money;
  • it’s extendable, being the top part removable, so, for shorter trips, you can give up that extra space;
  • in theory, it can be used as hand luggage in most airlines. So far we have not had any problems while boarding;
  • having a cover that can be used as rain protection or as protection if you need to dispatch your backpack;
  • front loading, that means you do not need to take everything out of the backpack to access something in the middle;
  • have security locks to use padlocks;
  • have a compartment to store the computer and tablet inside;
  • quality materials and, in its range, it seemed to us the best option.

When we are exploring the places we visit, we always like to use a smaller backpack to put the travel gear we need during the day, such as the water bottle, the camera, the power bank, and extra warm clothes.

In most airlines, the cheapest fares allow only carrying one piece of luggage in the cabin, so having a compact backpack that can be placed inside the bigger backpack is for us a requirement.

Traveling with hand luggage allows you to always keep track of your things, do not wait for the luggage on arrival and prevent it from getting lost along the way. Plus, on long plane trips, you have everything you need close to you.

Our choice was an Arpenaz 20 from Decathlon. This model has already been discontinued in the store, and it seems to us that it has been replaced by the Quechua NH100, however, on Amazon, it is still possible to purchase. Both options have two zippered compartments, which allow you to place quick access objects, and side pockets to place water bottles. It is an excellent economic option and with enough quality to last many trips.

Packing Cubes + Cable Bag

When it comes time to pack for a trip and we want to put everything inside the backpack, this is one of the travel accessories that most allows us to save time and space, keeping the bag more organized. Another advantage is that in the destination, you can remove everything from inside the backpack, and even then you continue to have everything organized and, when it’s time to pack your bag again, the task will be simpler.

These 7 organizer bags contain options of various sizes. It is a very economical option and can be used for both long trips, in a backpack or in smaller luggage. We even use them when we pack for a weekend, or when we use typical rigid suitcases.

When we have many electronic travel gear we see that the number of cables does not stop increasing. It is the charging cable that is different between the mobile phone and the camera, it is the power adapter, the power bank and before you know it, it becomes a spaghetti of cables.

In this context, a cable organizer allows you to have everything tidy and compact. Typically this organizer, when we are traveling, stays in the bag at our accommodation and we have a smaller bag for the cables we use outside with the power bank, to put inside the smaller backpack.

GoPro Hero7 Black + Canon 200d (Rebel SL2)

Nowadays, we all have a mobile phone that allows us to take pictures more instantly, and in fact, most of our photos are taken with the mobile phone. However, in situations of adventure, having an action cam allows you to register them with more quality and safety.

The main advantages of this GoPro Hero7 Black are that it is waterproof without any additional case, in addition to being 4K and having an image stabilizer.

Together with this stand, you can shoot on your motorcycle trip, while snorkeling or jumping into the water. This stand, in addition to being extensible, becomes a small tripod ideal for making time-lapse videos.

When we choose travel gear, we must not forget that we will always have to carry them, so in this case, size does matter. We chose the Canon 200d (Rebel SL2) as our main camera because it is one of the most compact and affordable DSLRs, great for carrying around. The 18-55mm lens came in the kit and later we got a 50mm lens (the nifty fifty) that works perfectly for portraits and street photography.

Power bank with 2 USB ports

The power bank is one of the accessories that give us security while we travel. Sometimes it happens to run out of battery in the GoPro, or after a plane trip at night, we run out of battery on our phones. With this accessory, we can continue our journey and use our electronic accessories without having to wait for them to charge.

We chose this power bank because, in addition to having excellent value for money and an attractive design, it has two USB ports allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. The main disadvantage is its size and weight, however, it always stays inside the backpack, so it is not a problem for us.

iPad Pro + USB-C Adapter + Keyboard

When we are on the road having a tablet helps us to pass the time, we can enjoy watching movies or series on the flights and produce content for the blog. We will not do reviews or advise on the best tablet for travelers. We opted for an 11″ iPad Pro because even though it is a tablet, it has all the features of a computer we need, which allows us to work when we are traveling.

To be able to use it as a computer, we recommend a USB-C to USB adapter to ensure that you can connect other devices, such as the camera to download your photos. This adapter also works in the MacBook Air, since it also uses the USB-C connection and, besides the USB connection, it allows you to connect an HDMI cable and an extra USB-C cable. In addition, we recommend Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio to produce content in an easier and computer-like way as well as functioning as cover for the iPad.

MacBook Air

A computer is an essential tool for us when we are traveling. To manage the blog, produce content, edit photos and videos, it is essential to take this item.

Like the iPad, we will not do a review or advise on which is the best computer for travelers. We chose the MacBook Air for its weight and because it allows us to work more fluidly between all our devices.

Power Adapter

During our round the world trip we’ve upgraded our Power Adapter. When you travel to many countries it is important to have a power adapter that fits all the energy plugs.

The one we’ve bought fits for US/AUS, UK and Europe plugs and has two USB ports and one USB-C fast charger port built-in, so you don’t need to carry any USB or USB-C charger. The one we recommend here is a newer version with four USB ports.


We use headphones mainly on flights to listen to music or to watch movies and series. There are three characteristics that in our opinion are the most important: being light, having good noise cancellation and great battery life.

The ones we are using at the moment are a Sony WH-CH500. Even without the best noise cancellation, they have the battery for more than 20 hours, are not expensive and are wireless.

Microfiber Towel

The microfiber towel is also an essential travel accessory for us. When we are in a place where we want to go to the beach we can have a towel without taking up too much space in our luggage and it can also serve as a bath towel if the accommodation where you stay does not have it available. Another major advantage is that in case you want to wash it, due to its materials, it will dry quickly.

TSA Approved Liquids Bag

A liquids bag is another essential travel accessory for us. For those who plan to only take carry-on luggage, it’s a more organized way of carrying liquids with you other than in normal plastic bags. Not all bags are approved to go in the cabin, so it is essential that you check whether it is approved by the TSA.