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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we are going to travel in the near future. Until there is immunity to COVID-19, many people will not feel safe traveling. However, the tourism sector, together with health authorities, is making an effort to create recommendations and standards to allow us to travel again.

Rules for restaurants, rules on the beach, and behaviors to be adopted are some of the recommendations that have been discussed and made available to allow a better experience for everyone in this return to the “new normal”.

We should expect a change in travel trends during the COVID-19 pandemic and above all, a change in behavior. It is important that we are all more aware and responsible for the way we travel. We cannot expect that after everything that has happened we can travel the same way.

Regardless of the destination or the type of trip you are going to take, it is very important that you stay informed with the local authorities, which in Portugal are:

At this point, much has been discovered about COVID-19, however much is still unknown, so the adoption of general recommendations for social distance, respiratory etiquette, and hygiene should always be taken into consideration.

The information available here is not binding and does replace official information from the competent authorities.