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Wines in Nantes: Discover the cozy wine tourism of the Loire Valley

One of the experiences we wanted to have when visiting Brittany and Normandy was wine tourism: visiting a vineyard, doing a tasting, and learning more about the wines in Nantes.

We traveled by car through Nantes, Rennes, and Mont Saint-Michel, which opened up the opportunity for us to explore what the Nantes wine region has to offer.

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In the Nantes area, wine production is dominated by the Loire Valley wine region, especially in the sub-region of Pays Nantais. Here, the production of dry white wines stands out, with a focus on the renowned Muscadet wines, mainly made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape. These wines are known for their freshness, vibrant acidity, and mineral character, often enjoyed as accompaniments to seafood and light dishes.

In addition to Muscadet, the region also produces red wines, especially with the Gamay grape, and sweet wines, such as Malvoisie made from Pinot Gris. The production philosophy in the region is increasingly focused on sustainability, with a growing adoption of organic farming and more natural winemaking practices.

Exploring wine tourism, flavors, and wines in Nantes

There are more and more wineries offering wine tourism activities in the Loire Valley. We chose the Domaine Landron Chartier because of its proximity to Nantes and its history and commitment to sustainability to introduce us to the wines in Nantes.

What is a Domaine?

A Domaine in France is a wine estate that generally produces, bottles, and sells its own wines, often reflecting the unique characteristics of the terroir of the region where it is located.

About Domaine Landron Chartier

The Landron family is a family of passionate winemakers, with Bernard, Françoise, and Benoît Landron at the helm of the Domaine. Bernard and Françoise settled in the Coteaux d’Ancenis in Ligné after working at Bernard’s family’s Domaine. Benoît, after studying Viticulture and Enology and working in vineyards throughout France, joined the Domaine in 2008, driving the transition to organic farming. In 2017, they moved to Ancenis and opened the Landron Chartier boutique in 2020, dedicated to promoting Muscadet as a great white wine of terroir and gastronomy. Benoît leads a vineyard-focused approach, believing that wine should be made in the vineyard, not in the cellar.

What is the philosophy of Domain Landron Chartier?

The philosophy of the Landron Chartier vineyard is based on the transition to organic farming in 2009 on its 35 hectares of vineyards, aiming to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable viticulture. In the cellar, natural methods are adopted, such as spontaneous fermentations and minimal manipulation, to preserve the identity of the wines and highlight the terroir.

Bottles of Wines in Nantes

The Landron family is committed to producing high-quality wines, respecting every living being, and aiming to pass on cultivable land to future generations. Additionally, since 2017, they have been part of the Bout à Bout initiative, promoting the reuse of glass bottles to reduce environmental impact. The diversity of grape varieties in the Côteaux d’Ancenis region stands out for Gamay for red wines, Melon de Bourgogne for Muscadet, and Malvoisie, made from Pinot Gris, recognized for its quality and characteristic flavor.

How to get to Domaine Landron Chartier?

If you’re planning to visit Domaine Landron Chartier, it is located in the Coteaux d’Ancenis, and there are two main ways to get there: by train or by car. If you opt for the train, you can relax and enjoy a tranquil journey from cities like Nantes or Angers and disembark at the Ancenis station. Then, you can either take a taxi or use a local transport service to get to the Domaine. Now, if you prefer the freedom of traveling by car, it’s easy to follow the well-signposted roads to Ancenis, where you’ll find parking available near the Domaine. Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll love the landscape as you head to this vineyard.

What are the wine tourism experiences at Domaine Landron Chartier?

Domaine Landron Chartier offers a variety of wine tourism experiences for wine lovers:

  • Store Tasting – Discover five wines from the estate in a tasting at the winery’s boutique.
  • Cellar Tour – Explore the cellars on a guided tour and taste five wines.
  • Vineyard Walk – Walk through the vineyards, visit the cellars, and taste five wines.
  • Vineyard Bicycle Tour – Explore the vineyard on a bicycle tour with a tasting of five wines.
  • Harvesting – Participate in grape harvesting, learn about winemaking, and enjoy a wine lunch.
  • Enological Workshops – Tasting workshop of six wines accompanied by cheese and charcuterie boards.
  • Create Your Own Wine – Blend wines to create your own cuvée and bottle your personalized creation.
  • Become a Vigneron – Adopt six vine plants and participate in the winemaking process for a year.
  • Vineyard Dinner – Enjoy a mysterious dinner in the vineyards with local products and wines from the estate.

These wine tourism experiences offer a unique opportunity to explore Domaine Landron Chartier and its award-winning wines.

See here the details of all experiences and how to make your reservation.

How was the visit to the estate and the cellars?

Do you know that moment when it’s been raining for several days, and you start thinking you’re going to visit the vineyards and everything will be full of mud? Well, that’s what happened, but Domaine Landron Chartier easily adapted our visit and did not compromise our experience at all. Usually, visits involve walks through the vineyards, and tastings are held in the vineyards corresponding to the origins of their grapes. However, due to the rain, we toured the vineyards by car and then visited the cellar, where we ended up tasting in the wine shop located in the center of the village of Ancenis.

In the field, we had the opportunity to see the workers preparing the vineyard for the next season while enjoying the beautiful view with the Loire River as a backdrop. The entire winemaking history of the region and the Landron family was explained to us during the visit. In the cellar, we learned how the winemaking process for the various wines is done, which still uses cement tanks in the process, and the importance that sustainability has for the family, so all production processes follow organic standards, even for the vineyards that have not yet received that certification.

How was the tasting?

Tasting Wines in Nantes

Wines in Nantes are known primarily for their freshness and mineral character, reflecting the unique characteristics of the region’s terroir. Among the most famous are dry white wines, especially Muscadet, mainly made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape. These white wines are appreciated for their vibrant acidity and are often ideal accompaniments to seafood dishes and light meals. Additionally, the region also produces red wines, often with the Gamay grape, offering fruity and elegant flavors.

During the tasting at Domaine Landron Chartier, we had the opportunity to try a variety of wines, including 5 whites and 3 different reds, allowing us to explore the diversity and quality of wines from the Nantes region. The detailed explanations provided during the tasting further enriched our experience, allowing us to appreciate the wines more deeply and leave the visit with a greater knowledge of the local wines.

The visit to Domaine Landron Chartier was a truly enriching experience, where we immersed ourselves in the fascinating world of Nantes wines. From the winemaking history of the region to the Landron family’s sustainable production philosophy, each moment was an opportunity to learn and appreciate the richness of the local terroir. The wine tasting, accompanied by detailed explanations, allowed us to explore a variety of flavors and aromas, leading us to leave the visit with a new understanding and appreciation for the wines of the region. If you’re planning a visit to Nantes or Brittany, be sure to check out and book an experience at Domaine Landron Chartier here and discover for yourself the treasures this vineyard has to offer.

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