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Traveling in Canada: 2-week itinerary

Our adventure traveling in Canada in June 2024 marked the beginning of our second trip around the world. This vast and diverse country welcomed us with open arms, providing us with two weeks full of incredible discoveries. We traveled from coast to coast, focusing on four major cities that capture the essence of Canada: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. Each with its unique personality, these cities offered us a perfect blend of culture, history, and nature. Join us on this fascinating journey as we share our experiences and tips on how to make the most of your itinerary in Canada.

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Why We Decided to Visit Canada

Canada has always been on our list of destinations to visit. We kept putting it off for no specific reason, but always with the idea that one day we would explore this vast country. The attraction of its diverse cultural identity always captivated us. Besides, it was an excellent way to start our journey around the world, traveling down the American continent. So, with great enthusiasm and anticipation, we decided it was the perfect time to finally visit and travel in Canada.

2-Week Itinerary in Canada


Traveling in Canada: View of the city of Montreal
  • We arrived in the city by plane at YUL airport and took the 747 bus to the city center.
  • 4 days in the city.
  • We stayed at the Hotel Suites Labelle in the Gay Village.

Montreal enchanted us with its unique blend of European charm and North American vitality. The picturesque streets of Vieux-Montréal, the cozy cafes, and the vibrant cultural scene left us completely captivated. Participating in a food tour with Spade and Palacio was a memorable experience during our stay. See here the experiences to have in Montreal.


Traveling in Canada: View of Parliament in Ottawa
  • We arrived in the city by train on Via Rail. The train station is a bit far from downtown, but there is a small train that connects to the city center.
  • 2 days in the city.
  • We stayed at the Sonder O’Connor in the city center.

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, impressed us with its grandeur and architectural beauty. Visiting the Parliament buildings and walking along the Rideau Canal were unforgettable moments during our experience of traveling in Canada.


Traveling in Canada: Streetcar lines in Toronto

Toronto fascinated us with its cosmopolitan atmosphere and cultural diversity. The iconic CN Tower and the proximity to the impressive Niagara Falls, which we visited for a day, were highlights of our stay on our itinerary in Canada. See here our guide to visiting Niagara Falls.


Traveling in Canada: View of False Creek at sunset
  • We arrived in the city by plane at YVR International Airport.
  • 3 days in the city.
  • We stayed in an apartment in a residential area outside the center (Oakridge – in the south of Vancouver), but well served by public transportation.

Vancouver won us over with its natural beauty and vibrant urban life. From majestic parks to lively neighborhoods, this city offered us a perfect blend of nature and modernity during our experience of traveling in Canada.

Safety Tips

  • Travel insurance: Healthcare expenses in Canada can be expensive. If you don’t have travel insurance, we recommend getting one, like Heymondo.
  • Areas to avoid at night: Some cities in Canada have areas with social problems and homelessness. Although we never felt threatened, we suggest avoiding these areas at night during your itinerary in Canada.
  • Basic safety rules: Always keep an eye on your belongings, especially on public transportation and in crowded places where pickpockets may be active.

Travel Tips

  • We shared meals to save money: Prices can be high, so we shared dishes at meals to save during our itinerary in Canada.
  • Mobile data: We didn’t find easy access to Wi-Fi everywhere outside of our accommodations, so having an eSIM helped us navigate the cities. With MobiMatter, you can get up to 50% off with the code TWOBYTHEWORLD.
  • We preferred trains over flights: Trains are generally cheaper than flights for domestic travel during our experience of traveling in Canada.
  • We brought snacks: Having snacks with us was useful to save time and money while traveling during our itinerary in Canada.
  • We opted for apartments and cooked at home: Booking apartments allowed us to cook our own meals, which was an economical option during our itinerary in Canada.
  • We considered the cost of alcohol: Alcoholic drinks can be expensive, so we avoided drinking in restaurants and instead bought drinks at specialty stores to have with our dinners at home.
  • We used a no-fee card abroad: Canada is almost completely cashless, so a no-fee card like Curve was convenient during our itinerary in Canada.
  • We explored on foot and followed basic safety rules: Walking around the cities was a great way to get to know the place; we always remembered basic safety rules during our itinerary in Canada.
  • We didn’t miss Tim Hortons: As coffee lovers, we made sure to visit Tim Hortons for a good and affordable espresso during our itinerary in Canada.

Planning your trip to Canada?

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