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How to visit Niagara Falls (Canada)

We visited Niagara Falls while traveling through Toronto in Canada. This was the third city we visited on our second trip around the world in 2024, right after Montreal and Ottawa. Being in Toronto, we couldn’t miss to visit Niagara Falls, which had been on our list for a long time.

Vista superior das Cataratas do Niágara no Canadá

The Niagara Falls are an impressive set of three waterfalls located on the Niagara River, on the border between Canada and the United States. With a height of about 51 meters, they are known for their beauty and the power with which the water falls. The sound of the water crashing down is truly impressive. The most famous are the Horseshoe Falls, located on the Canadian side, while the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are on the American side. According to the Tourism Association of Canada, this destination attracts millions of visitors annually, fascinated by the natural spectacle and the various tourist activities available in the region.

In this post, we describe and focus on our experience of the day we spent visiting Niagara Falls.

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How to Get There

We visited Niagara Falls by train. We started early at Union Station in Toronto, taking the GO express train. You can buy tickets online on the park’s page and look for the GO train + WEGO bus combo. Prices vary depending on the date. Alternatively, you can buy just the train ticket on the GO page and then, if needed, buy the bus pass on-site, or walk.

GO Train at Union Station in Toronto

The train ride took about 2 hours. There are other non-express trains that require a transfer in Burlington to a GO bus (on the return trip, we chose this travel method, taking the bus at the Niagara Falls bus station – right in front of the train station).

WEGO Bus to get around when visiting Niagara Falls

Upon arrival at the Niagara Falls train station, we took a free transfer bus to Table Rock Center, about a 10-minute ride. From there, we used our combo ticket to take the local WEGO bus, which took us along the Niagara River Corridor and back to the station (the transfer bus is free only upon arrival and the distance is about 4 km). You can check the WEGO schedules and routes here.

Best Times to Visit Niagara Falls

We visited Niagara Falls in early summer, in June. The mild temperatures allowed us to walk more outside and use the bus less. Niagara Falls is wonderful in any season, but spring and summer offer milder weather and all attractions are open. In autumn, the color of the leaves makes the landscape even more beautiful, and in winter, the frozen falls are a unique spectacle.

Things to Do at Niagara Falls

When we visited Niagara Falls, we were traveling around the world, and since Canada is a destination with some budget challenges, we opted for a more economical visit. So, we walked along the river, enjoying the magnificent views of the various falls, both on the Canadian and American sides.

View from the American side that can be seen when visiting Niagara Falls

Additionally, we went up the Skylon Tower to observe the falls from above. The price for the ascent and access to the observatory is $19, but we managed to go up for free. We didn’t want to miss the incredible panoramic view, and we discovered that having lunch at the tower gives free access to the observation decks starting at $39, so that’s what we did. The Skylon Tower has two options, buffet and à la carte. The à la carte restaurant has a rotating floor that allows for a more panoramic view. The buffet lunch offers good value for money and the view, both from the restaurant and the observatory, is well worth it.

Skylon Tower, one of the ways to enhance the experience when visiting Niagara Falls in Canada

The most typical activities to do at Niagara Falls, according to the park’s information, are:

  • Boat Tours: Take a boat ride that gets very close to the waterfalls.
  • Journey Behind the Falls: Walk through tunnels behind the falls, getting as close to the waterfalls as possible.
  • White Water Walk: This includes a 70-meter elevator descent followed by a walk along the river.
  • Niagara SkyWheel: Located next to an amusement park, the Ferris wheel offers panoramic views of the falls.
Cruzeiro nas Cataratas do Niágara

There are other alternative activities, such as taking a helicopter tour or ziplining to the falls. Check out all available activities at Niagara Falls. Buying in advance from GetYourGuide can help you avoid lines.

Additional Tips

  • It’s important to consider the safety of various activities, not to cross restricted areas, and to be aware that the falls are a massive force of nature to avoid potential accidents. If you plan on doing adventure sports in the area, it is essential to have travel insurance, like Heymondo, which covers these activities. Medical expenses for tourists in Canada can be high in case of an accident.
  • There is a casino in the area with shops and dining options, making it a good alternative for meals. There are also a variety of restaurants in other nearby locations.
  • Staying overnight in the area allows you to see the fireworks show that takes place every night. Check out this selection of hotels, some of which have views of the falls.
  • Bringing waterproof protection (like a poncho) can help keep you dry during some activities.

Visiting Niagara Falls was an unforgettable experience, and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting Toronto. This guide does not cover all options but focuses on our experience and what we learned while visiting Niagara Falls.

Planning your trip to Niagara Falls?

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Activities at Niagara Falls

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