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Villa Pedra – A village with a new life

From an abandoned and ruined village in central Portugal, Villa Pedra Natural Houses was born. On one of the hills of Serra de Sicó, the unique beauty of the old Aldeia de Cima, which was abandoned for more than seventy years, gave rise to a new space that was thus returned to the new generations.

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Located in the parish of Cotas in Soure, less than two hours’ drive from Lisbon and Porto, Villa Pedra is a haven in the middle of nature. On one of the slopes of Serra de Sicó and overlooking Serra da Lousã, Villa Pedra Natural Houses is the ideal place for those looking for the tranquility of nature and a unique experience of contact with local gastronomic products. The 14 houses were restored to create a welcoming atmosphere that goes back to our childhood memories, maintaining the architectural characteristics of the typical stone houses of the region.

Villa Pedra

The center of Portugal is still an area in which tourism is growing, but on the other hand, it has a natural diversity in its virgin state. The offer is always growing in activities, accommodation units, wine culture, and restaurants to enjoy your getaway in Portugal.

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We visited Villa Pedra Natural Houses for a weekend and were surprised by the experience. Join us to know this little corner of the world where the birds are heard and that has provided us with so much tranquility and happiness.

How to Get to Villa Pedra

The best way to reach Villa Pedra is by car. For those coming from Lisbon or Porto, the A1 highway has an exit to Soure, which for a few years has allowed easier and faster access to the central area of Portugal. The access from the highway is mostly of good quality and the road to Villa Pedra is signposted.

Upon arrival, Sara gives us all the information about the place and suggest what we can do in the area. The friendliness we felt immediately made us feel very comfortable to enjoy the days we were going to spend there.

Clean & Safe Certification at Villa Pedra

After the pandemic of COVID-19 Turismo de Portugal created the Clean & Safe seal, which certifies that the accommodation units comply with all procedures to prevent the spread and contamination in the facilities, keeping guests safe.

Villa Pedra has already obtained this seal and during our stay they complied with all Clean & Safe procedures, such as disinfecting the rooms, using and providing protective masks, among others.

The Houses

From several ruins of abandoned houses, 14 houses were born, remodeled and decorated to the taste of the owners. All spaces are very pleasant and functional, mixing modern decor with objects that mark the history and culture of that region. Even the village school has been restored and transformed into two houses, and we love that idea.

The houses are T1 or T2 and each house has a fully equipped and functional kitchen available so that you can prepare your meal. Breakfast can be prepared with local products that are left the day before and early in the morning, fresh bread and cake are left hanging on the door in a traditional bread bag, recalling the custom of door-to-door distribution of fresh produce.

Comfort, refinement, and simplicity create an ideal atmosphere for good romantic or family moments. When we visited Villa Pedra, we stayed at Casa Alecrim, which has an outdoor patio overlooking Serra da Lousã, an ideal place to enjoy breakfast or another meal outside.

In addition, most houses have access to some outside space, where it is possible to find outdoor leisure areas or a barbecue.

The Kitchen at Villa Pedra

Villa Pedra’s Kitchen was a space created without the purpose of being a restaurant. It is one of the buildings in the village, next to the reception with several interior spaces that allow you to enjoy the excellent cuisine made by Marta. Each space, including the terrace, allows some privacy even when several groups are enjoying a meal or a drink on site.

The food, made with the products of the garden, with the sausages and cheeses of small local producers, with the homemade chickens from the poultry, brings to the palate memories of homemade and very tasty gastronomy, perhaps for many, even memories of their childhood.

The selection of wines from the Villa Pedra brand is also produced locally and is of excellent quality. The characteristics of the region’s soil and climate allow the creation of excellent wine products that we loved. When visiting Villa Pedra, be sure to try the sparkling rosé that is delicious for a hot summer afternoon.

Currently, the kitchen space is closed to prevent crowding of guests due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, meals can now be served as a picnic or at the houses.

When we visited Villa Pedra, we tried both, had a picnic, and received dinner at home. Both gastronomic experiences were divine. The preparation of the products, the care, the flavors, and the experience were undoubtedly one of the highlights of our getaway.

The Pool and the Outside Area

In the outdoor area of Villa Pedra, it is possible to find a swimming pool for use by all guests, which is a pleasant place to enjoy the warmer days. In addition to the pool, there are several outdoor spaces with trees and places of relaxation, such as the chill-out space for a more special occasion.

You can also find the space of the Vietnamese pigs and the poultry, where the eggs for your breakfast come out from and that delight the children.

Local Products

Villa Pedra has the Villa Pedra Natural Products project composed of the wines and sparkling wines of Terras de Sicó, Rabaçal cheese, organic olive oil, honey and other local products that you can find at meals or you can buy at the reception store.

Surroundings and Activities

Serra de Sicó is an excellent place where nature invites you to walk or cycle. You can request a GPS at the reception and more information about the paths you can take on the spot.

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Villa Pedra was the first place we visited after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The return to the origins and the discovery of the least explored tourism in the center of Portugal is always something we like. In the center we find peace and tranquility to help us relax and get out of our daily routine and Villa Pedra is an excellent place to enjoy this. A place where good taste is breathed, the air is fresh, birds can be heard singing, where the friendliness of the people makes us feel welcomed and where we can taste the traditional cuisine of a region that has so much to offer.

You can check more information about Villa Pedra here and book your stay here.

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