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Évora: 10 of the best reasons to visit

Alentejo remains one of our favourite places to visit in Portugal. Évora is one of the main cities in the Alentejo and its traditional atmosphere is one of the main reasons why we visit the city and spend some time exploring all that Évora has to offer.

Compared to other more remote places in the Alentejo, Évora continues to maintain the picturesque atmosphere of the Alentejo, but with modernity and with more and more options for those who live there or choose the city for a getaway or a longer vacation.

We are suspicious when talking about the Alentejo as it is one of our favourite places for getaways, but there are many reasons to visit Évora, and these are for us 10 of the best.

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Easy Access to Évora

The city of Évora is just an hour and a half away from Lisbon and access is very easy. It is possible to get very close to the city on the A6 motorway or alternatively on the national roads. We even prefer to make the way along national roads to enjoy the natural landscapes and small towns and villages along the way, but sometimes, to maximize time on a weekend, it is good to have the alternative of making the trip faster.

In addition to Évora being easily accessible, it is also very central, being an ideal starting point for those who want to know more about Alentejo.

Alentejo Gastronomy and Wines

The richness of Alentejo gastronomy is something that fills our soul. Évora is no exception and there we can find everything that is more traditional in Alentejo. The delicacies that reflect the customs and humble origins of a people who worked the countryside and created the best gastronomic combinations that accompany with the wines produced in the region.

In Évora you will find the most classic and traditional restaurants, but there are also many other with reinvented cuisines and inspired by the Alentejo tradition.

The Alentejo region is one of the largest areas of wine production in Portugal, hence this is a tradition that is also very present in Évora. If you like wines, be sure to explore the wine cellars in Évora, try the wines in the restaurants, or even pay a visit to one of the wineries or cooperatives in the estates in the region.

A very important part of Alentejo gastronomy is sweets. If you have the opportunity, be sure to try, for example, Encharcada, Sericaia with plums or the Pão de Rala.

Culture, Museums and Monuments

The whole city of Évora is full of culture, museums and monuments. It is a pleasant place to explore history and appreciate the buildings and collections there.

We highlight one of the most famous monuments in the city, the Roman Temple (Temple of Diana) that is found in Largo Conde Vila flor. In this square you can also find the Évora Museum, the Évora Public Library and the Lóios Church and Convent (nowadays it is an inn).

The Castelo Velho, the Cathedral, the University of Évora, the Aqueduct of Água de Prata, the Church of Graça, the Roman Baths, the Chapel of Bones, the Art and Culture Center and the Museum of Carriages are some of the examples of what you can find in the city. The city center is compact, so we advise you to explore the streets and find out what this beautiful place has to offer.

Megalithic Monuments

Near the city there is the Megalithic Site of Almendres. In that place it is possible to find the Menhir of Almendres and the Cromeleque of Almendres.

It is the largest set of structured menhirs in the Iberian Peninsula and the oldest European megalithic monument and is about 13km from Évora.


One of the main reasons that attracts us to the Alentejo is the tranquility, both in cities and in more rural areas. Évora is no exception. Even though it is a fully developed city and where you will find everything you need, it is at the same time a very peaceful place. The downtown streets that extend from Praça do Giraldo, are a great and peaceful place to explore the local shops, restaurants or just to enjoy the small alleys with whitewashed houses and colored bands.

Local Crafts and Products

Évora, being an urban center and probably the most touristic center in Alentejo, has a concentrated offer of products from the region.

In Évora you can find pottery, tapestry and cork products, but also local products such as wine, olive oil and typical sausages from all over the Alentejo.

UNESCO World Heritage

Évora is considered a museum city that has maintained its traditional charm throughout the historic center that is built within the city walls. Évora’s history began many years ago, in prehistory. Throughout the ages, many peoples have passed through this place, contributing to what this city is today. Over time, an architectural and cultural heritage has been created that allows Évora to become a UNESCO world heritage site today.


For those looking for sports or adventure activities, Évora is an excellent place to practice these activities. Cycling, boating, ballooning, parachuting, hiking and expeditions, represent the main offer that you can find in the city. Check the available activities bellow with GetYourGuide.


Alentejo, being a rural area, has a great natural diversity. For those who like to go hiking, cycling, exploring the fauna and flora of a region, or even exploring the more agricultural side, the surroundings of Évora are full of options.


Increasingly, the Alentejo is a place of welcome par excellence. The accommodation sector is no exception. In this area, it is possible not only to find hotels of hotel groups, but also small more rural units on farms, but more and more local accommodation has space in the city. If you want to stay in the city center, there are several more traditional or more modern options of places to stay, always with the certainty that you will be well received.

Évora is undoubtedly a place that anyone visiting Alentejo should put on their itinerary. We always feel great when we visit the city, we love the gastronomy and the tranquility of a city at a different pace.

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