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Planning a round the world trip: FAQs

In 2019 we’ve started our first round the world trip for 6 months. It was an amazing experience. We’ve planned a lot and for a long time before we went and almost everything run as planned. Does that make us round the world trip planning specialists? No, but we want to help planning a round the world trip.

These questions are some of the most asked about planning a round the world trip and in the beginning some of them were also our questions, so we’re trying to make this information available for you.

Have a great once in a lifetime experience in your round the world trip.

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Where should I go for a round the world trip?

There’s no unique formula to define your itinerary. Basically it will depend on several factors: time, money, and interests. Grab your bucket list and start to plan like you would have unlimited time and money and then start to make choices and drop places. That was how we’ve built our own itinerary.

How much do you need to travel for 6 months?

The cost of an RTW trip will depend on four major factors: the countries you will visit, the means of transportation you will use, the activities you will do, and the way you want to travel (Luxury, Mid-range or Backpacking). On our first RTW trip, 50% of our budget was spent on flights and accommodation.

Planning a round the world trip: what to know - budget

How long does a round the world trip take?

You can circumnavigate the world in days or you can take the entire life to do it. You’re the only one that can answer this question. Try to find your reasons to do it and you’ll have this question answered.

How much does an RTW ticket cost?

There’s no fixed priced for an RTW ticket, it will depend on the company, the destinations, and the number of segments you will travel and it’s not always the best option. Build your idea for an itinerary and start trying to compose an RTW ticket in one of the airline alliances websites like Star Alliance. Alternatively, you can check the price of air tickets using different airlines or using an aggregator.

Planning a round the world trip: what to know - tickets

How do I plan a trip around the world cheaply?

The secret of a cheap trip around the world it’s not only about the plan. When planning a round the world trip, you must choose the countries that fit in your budget (traveling in Australia is 10 times more expensive than traveling in Vietnam), plan it in advance (you can watch the air tickets price trends) and define your priorities: do you prefer a better accommodation or traveling longer?
Other than that you also have to control the budget while traveling. When you do it for a long time, you cannot make decisions without thinking about your budget.

How do I start planning a trip around the world?

Before planning a trip around the world you must define your reason to do it. Other than that you can follow these 6 steps: Build the itinerary, Plan the budget, Buy the airplane tickets, Take care of your health before you go, Define what to pack, and Last Steps before departure.

Are RTW tickets worth it?

There’s no clear answer to that. They can be worth it or not. RTW tickets have advantages but also some disadvantages and their price is dependent on the itinerary. You can find the answer for that by simulating with your itinerary in the airline alliances websites.

Planning a round the world trip: what to know

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