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Gozo Island: what to do and see

Malta is not only one island but a group of islands. We chose to visit during our trip the other two Malta islands: Gozo island and Comino island.

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In this post we share our experience on the island of Gozo as well as tips to take advantage of your visit to this island in the best way.

Gozo Landscape

The island of Gozo is made up of several towns and has regular boat connections with the main island of Malta. It is a greener and more rural island than the main island of Malta, and people are more engaged in agriculture and fishing. The pace of life here is completely different and we’ve felt it when we visited.

We visited Gozo island in October, at the beginning of the low season. The main attractions are less crowded and we saw fewer tourists in the streets. However, for those not looking for a beach destination, which was our case, this time is great to visit the island, since the weather is milder than in the high season. In Gozo we got some rain, but nothing that would have prevented us from visiting what we had planned.

Transportation in Gozo

To get to the island of Gozo from the main island, you must take the ferry (Gozo Channel) in Cirkewwa. The price of the trip is € 4.65 and takes about 25 minutes. More information about rates and schedules here. The ferry has a convenience store and a coffee shop.

The island of Gozo uses the transport network of Malta Public Transport and, with the same Tallinja card that we had already acquired in Malta, we were able to travel by bus across the island. The amount and frequency of lines and buses are fewer, but it perfectly serves the purpose of seeing the main attractions of the island.

After arriving in the port of Mgarr, you can catch a bus that takes you directly to the city of Victoria.

Victoria (Il-Belt Victoria)

Victoria (Il-Belt Victoria) is the capital city of the island of Gozo. It is situated on a hill in the center of the island and is also known as Rabat. The main attraction of the city is the Citadel which has the archeology museum, the folklore museum, the science museum, the old prison and the Cathedral of the Assumption. The city is full of churches and basilicas. Like other cities in Malta, its architecture is based on the construction with a yellow stone which gives it an old atmosphere.

On arrival in the city, we took the opportunity to eat typical street food. As in most cities in Malta, there are a lot of stalls that sell pastries with various fillings that allow you to make a meal at a very cheap price.

We visited the streets of the city, enjoying the various attractions as we headed to the Citadel. At the Citadel we have chosen to see only the outdoor space to enjoy the views of the surrounding hills, however, if you have the time and interest, we advise you to visit the cathedral and the museums inside.

Salt pans and Malsalforn

Salt Pans, Gozo
Salt Pans, Gozo

In the island of Gozo, it is possible to find many salt pans, mainly in the north zone next to Xwejni. We chose to take the bus to Mhelhel and make the walk along the coast to Malsalforn (about 4km). Along the way the green landscapes are fantastic and you can see several salt pans that create breathtaking scenery.

Malsalforn is a seaside resort and the most popular tourist area on the island of Gozo. There it is possible to bathe in the sea, in natural pools next to the bay. By the time we went, a lot of the seasonal trade was already closed, however, some of them were still open with some terraces where you can enjoy the late afternoon sun while having a drink. On the island, there are also some sandy beaches, which is not very common in the rest of the islands of Malta.

Other Points of Interest in Gozo Island

As we only had one day to visit the island of Gozo, many of its points of interest were left out of our visit. If you have more time the island has much more to offer.

Wied il-Ghasri Valley

On the way to the salt pans of Xwejni, it is possible to make a detour on foot to see the Wied il-Ghasri gorge. This valley that ends in the sea has impressive canyons that create very interesting landscapes, and there are natural caves that can be a great opportunity to explore for diving fans. We chose not to visit this location because we did not have enough time.


Dwejra is a coastal zone of rock formations. In this area, you can swim in the deep waters of the bay, in the calm waters of the cellars or in the rough waters next to the Blue Hole, which is one of the main diving areas of the island. It was here that the Azure Window was located which was the stage for some scenes of Game of Thrones, but recently it collapsed.

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay is a red sand beach, often regarded as one of Malta’s best beaches. It is a great place to swim, relax and soak up the sun. The area is not very developed, although there are some cafes. The dune zone is a protected area and the valley down to the beach has green vegetation. The surrounding area, seen from a higher point, looks like a quilt, due to the cultivated terraces.

Ta ćenć cliffs

Ta ćenć cliffs is a linear zone of 20ha of cliffs with 120m to the sea. It is an area with huge interest for those who enjoy diving and watching the sunset in that area is wonderful.

Our visit to the island of Gozo has settled in us the idea that Malta is much more than the main island. Gozo island is undoubtedly marked by culture very similar to the main island, but calmer and more in contact with nature. We are sure that you will not regret deciding to add the island of Gozo to your itinerary when you visit Malta.

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